Monday, September 22, 2008

on the 1st day of christmas

my true mate gave to me, 1 spotted pouch (all to the tune of 12 days of xmas please)

on TCF i'm in an advent swap plus i'm doing one with a gf. the idea is to collect 24 items, big or small, $$ or not, wrap them, number them 1 - 24 and then send them to your advent partner!

well i set myself the even bigger challenge of making the little pouches, numbering them and then only finding things that fit in them!! i've got a fair few ideas and i'm going to have to be super crafty and clever with what i come up with otherwise it just wont fit!

the 25th is the xmas gift, my gf's i have sorted and 1/3 done, my TCF swapee i haven't even conjured anything up yet, i'm beginning to freak out! but i'll come up with something though, i know i will ;)

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