Friday, December 4, 2009

. 3 & 4 .

(Sadly, the little lopsided guy at the back passed away today)

On wednesday, during storms and rain, these 5 little guys hatched out, it was so exciting for us as this is the second clutch we've had hatch in 2 years we've had Muscovy ducks and it's the first time we've had this number hatch, not to mention that this is a first time mum and she sat fast to her eggs, a bit like crazy glue (probably more the crazy than the glue ;)). So far she's been a brilliant mother, taking them for walks of a day and keeping them safe and warm of a night, we've had to lock her in the pen though for fear of birds swooping down and taking the ducklings, not to mention the older bigger chooks who would peck at them and the dog who would thing they're great to play with .. but at least they got taken for a walk outside the big pen, it was funny watching them fall asleep from all the walking, it was also fascinating to watch her talk to them, for her to wander up ahead, turn and realise they weren't with her and then call to them, walking back a little and waiting for them to catch up, when they did catch up she'd reach down and have a little talk with them then head off again, calling to them and keeping them with her. A fascinating experience!

Don't be fooled by their little smiles and fuzzy yellowness, these little guys are eating machines, thankfully I thought ahead and got the mega bag of feed for not only are the little yellow balls of fuzz going to be eating like they're full of worms, but the latest batch of chicks will be too!!! We have hatched out 6 in the last 36hrs with 1 dying in it's shell and another not looking so crash hot, I was warned this would happen as our numbers increased, more often than not with no real rhyme or reason, it's just the fragility of new life and the life of fowl, both land and water.

Tonight we ate one of our home grown lettuce, I really enjoyed how crunchy it was, how earthy it tasted but the kids have been ruined by supermarket lettuce, in time they'll learn to like it but if not, I know a few dozen chooks and ducks who will LOVE it ;)

It's been a busy time for me over the past few days, tomorrow I have to move chooks into the fish tank, get a little tray for the ducklings to swim in and drink from, at the moment they're trying to do all that in their little water dish, doesn't make for a good time I don't think! On top of all that, I have to get my SS sewing finished, I'm in the homestretch, I can see completion nearing but ARGH .. it's still soooo far away! I'll share some sneaky pics tomorrow ;)

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