Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Today it is anxiety

It's a horrid thing to suffer from, anxiety, it hits me for no apparent reason although I am aware today of the triggers that have set me off. I am ashamed of suffering both anxiety and depression, I feel stupid for not being well adjusted, normal and "happy". I feel like a fake and a failure. I feel like a terribly person, mother, friend and lover.


Anonymous said...

It sucks sometimes hey

I often wonder what normal is like

princess pudge said...

I'm beginning to think "normal" is a hollywood film!

Becky said...

You are none of the bad things you are feeling.

You are NOT a fake, NOT a failure, NOT a terrible anything.

Hope you feel better soon.

Car said...

Thinking of you xxx

Clair Acres said...

You're often in my thoughts, I think you're a lovely person.
Take care of yourself, you're important....remember that.
Much love.

princess pudge said...

Thank you ladies, you're generosity of affection helps more than you know.

Clair!! I need an email for you please!

Clair Acres said...

Denni, have you changed your e-mail addy....I can't get through to you.