Tuesday, January 12, 2010

52 things

I dare you to do 52 things this year for YOURSELF!!
1 self aimed thing a week, they don't need to be big and expensive, they can be as simple as taking 30mins to read a book, taking 10 mins to have a cuppa and a bikky or they can also be as big as you like, going out all day, getting a massage, taking a holiday.

I don't care how big or how small but they have to be for yourself or for your relationship with your partner, cannot be for the kids or the family!!!
It's all about doing 52 things to recharge and please US, the mothers/wives/daughters/sisters/lovers.

So .. will YOU take the challenge?!


@t said...

I'm in will let you know when & what I have done.

princess pudge said...

woo! that's awesome, i'm trying to talk emma into it, lol.

Mel said...

Does sitting outside reading my book while the kids splash around count today? lol ... Did escape tot he movies the other week and even get my hair cut about a week back too (all by myself without any stragglers (lol)) .. Good idea though :) Mel xox

Emma said...

OK OK you talked me into it!!! But I don't even have anything to put as #1 yet how sad is that!!!!!

princess pudge said...

lol you do so, didn't you just buy fabric for YOURSELF from HT?!

mel, that's what it's all about, little things, little time outs, little ways to be good to yourself :)