Monday, September 20, 2010

KCWC Day 1

When one joins a challenge, especially one that involves kids clothes one should never be overly ambitious, pick patterns that require more fabric than one has on hand 
and one should always .. I repeat 
read the pattern through from start to finish, 
 just get side tracked by all the pretty pictures!

The pattern I chose I actually bought this morning thinking
"oh this looks nice, fast and easy"
cause you know, I should be on Project Runway with my seamstress skills!
The reality is this:
I'm rather masculine in my instruction reading, ie; I somehow manage to either
miss whole pages or I skim.
I have no idea what a 1/4 yard measures out to be and eyeballing just aint the same as measuring!
If it says or at least implies/looks like it could be done in an hour or less
.. it can't .. well not by my wreckerator mitts!

But when it turns out this cute and the wearer is super happy
none of the above even matters.

Pattern: The Katelyn Tween & Teen Skirt


red in oz said...

What a cute skirt :) Well done!

Clair said...

lol....I'm no good at eye-balling either, but that skirt really turned out great!