Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oranges & Apples


I've never been an orange person 
it's never attracted me 
it's never excited me
it's never even had me look twice and notice it 
when the All Stars 2 range came out I just could not walk past the orange colour way. 

I noticed it 
I looked twice
and then ... 
then I threw caution and normality to the wind and bought it 
and oh my 
.. oh me oh my .. 
it's just so juicey, fresh and alluring .. 
a bit like it's "fruit-sake" on a hot summers day!


Mmmm, I've always been partial to apples
they've never needed to vie for my attention
to hope I look twice
to wish for me to notice
I've just always been partial
So when the All Stars 2 line came out
with a refreshing
vibrantly crunchy green
I just knew I had to have it!


savaria said...

I love the fabrics! I want to sew my little one a quilt and saw the first set you posted on etsy the other day. I was pretty sure that's what I am going to use but now that I see the second set you posted I start to doubt my decision. hm....

princess pudge said...

There is also a blue colourway so be sure to check that out too!! :)

Brighton Breezy said...

I so get your battle with orange! I've always pretty much sidelined it and now I find it creeping in all over the place! I too find it juicy!

Beautiful fabrics ;)

Green appears to be my favourite colour, judging by it's dominancein my stash and, oh yeah, what I'm wearing today, and my specs!)

~LilOlFrankie~ said...

Oooh I might have found somewhere to spend some money!!!!