Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Does it matter

that I've actually run out of places to put my newest horde .. 
I could sleep on it but then it wouldn't look quite so pretty ..
I could place little stacks of it on my lounge but I'd have to fight the cats to lie on them ..
What to do what to do ..

Oh how I wish I was a stack of pretty fabric ..


25reasons said...

what a dilemma indeed! there are a couple of fabrics in there that i've been drooling over myself, but haven't bought cos I don't have where to put them.

Tracey said...

Oh.My.God! Some gorgeous fabric there ... jealous here.

Brighton Breezy said...

... I'd like glass shelving to create a colour wall (oh yes, and enough fabric to fill it, natch!)

beautiful choices there ... I could always help out and "look after" them for you, if you're short of space ... heh heh heh

Lauren said...

far out what a big bunch of beautiful fabric! do you have a speical project you're about to start? or just to increase the prettiness of your fabric stash! happy blogtoberfest!

clare's craftroom said...

Gorgeous fabric ! I hope you are well , love to hear from you .

princess pudge said...

I have some projects in mind, mainly clothes for my 9yo daughter but I can't bring myself to cut into it!!!

I too would love a glass fronted shelving system, so my prettiness on display!