Sunday, January 29, 2012

12 WIP in 12 months in 2012 (part 2)

it's only taken me almost a month to get back and post part 2 of my 12 WIP in 12 months list but what can I say, I'm just not that into blogging so don't make the time for it.

WIPs (part 2)


Christmas hangings 
(there are 2 of these but i've only a pic of 1 at the moment)

Geo's winter quilt

Drunkards Path 
(this is one of 3 that need doing)

These are the ones with pics but you can see over on the right my rather long list of WIPs in varying degrees of progress, anything new that I add this year I will add with a different coloured bar thus taking it out of contention for the 12 WIP in 2012.

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