Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yay for leap years

And their extra day to get WIPs done!! I seriously didn't think I'd get anything done this month but I'm so glad I had 1 super quick "get outa jail free" WIP I could do, it's literally minutes from completion so the pic is bad (as its night and all are asleep) but I'll endeavor to take a nicer one at some point :)

I am just loving the 20" cushion right now and not only did I discover my local (if you call an hours drive local!) spotlight store stocks 22" and 24" inserts they also have 30" .. Yes that's right 30" inserts!!!

Can anyone say floor cushion?!! (I know Amy, I mean Andrea can ;))

1 comment:

AJ said...

30" great I'll have to check my local and get them to order some in! Well Done on the finish!