Friday, August 22, 2008

bags bags everywhere ...

girlsbags, originally uploaded by bound for india.
Well, what do you think Clair, do they pass?

These bags came about from some friendly banter over bags on the craft forum, resulting in Clair giving me the link to her favorite site which just happened to have a 1 hour bag pattern and tutorial, so with that in hand, i took her challenge ... to create a bag.


* Firstly, it took me well over an hour and i must have lost at least a pint of blood from continually sticking myself with pins!!
* Secondly, i need to buy more plains to use as lining fabrics, all i have is calico really, which i tend to think is a good lining but doesn't really match my nicer fabrics!
* Thirdly, if making for 1 daughter, you MUST make for the other AT THE SAME TIME! (which i did *phew*).


I have to admit, i did enjoy making these, they are quick, simple and look quite cute when completed. they're not big bags, rather the perfect size for little ladies, or perhaps just big enough to make sure you don't fill it full of "stuff" when heading out the door! i'm planning to make one for myself as well, i just NEED to grab some nice lining fabric ;)

The girls love their new bags :D

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Jen said...

Gorgeous! I love them!