Saturday, August 23, 2008

Red for the head ..

headband, originally uploaded by bound for india.
After i made the bags and shared with the wonderful ladies on the craft forum, Clair then produced another tutorial for a quick easy project .. a headband, and thus, another challenge was accepted ;)

gabs headband

My girls love these things, and lord knows i spend a small fortune buying them only to find they poof into thin air when they need them most, and seeing as Miss 12 is off to her girlfriends place today, i figured i'd surprise her with one this morning ... little did i realise how EASY & FAST they are to make, i'm shocked, in a totally good way!

Next project thanks Clair ;)


miss~nance said...

These headbands are great.


Derriere said...

Wow nice job!
That looks AWESOME.