Monday, September 22, 2008

when baskets go wrong

they turn out great!
The girls over at TCF (THE Craft Forum) were making the most adorable little baskets from Pink Penguin and once i received some gorgeous charm squares from Cheeky Clair i thought what the heck, i'd give it a whack too!
So after chosing fabrics, cutting, sewing, subbing fabrics and getting to the crucial bits do you think it occured to me to bring the pattern into the same room i was sewing in? NO! do you think it occured to me that when you're hopped up on pain meds and suffering the Snot Monster that it's really not the best time to sew? NO .. hmm .. doesn't look like i did much thinking huh .. onward and upward as they say ;)

after staring at the basket and wondering why it didn't look square and then staring at the pattern basket and not understanding why it didn't look like mine the snot oozed to one side, the drug haze lifted and BAM, it hit me like a feather in the wind, i'd sewn the corners wrong!! nooooooooooooooooo (insert tantry, nose blowing, giggles and a need to prick myself with pins by adding some hand stitching!)
so, i fixed the bottom, made the lining (yes, again it's not quite the right shape!) then realised that DERR there's not handles on it yet *eye roll* ... i have a thing for white waffle weave, i totally love the stuff, it always looks clean, crisp and you can stitch all over it, hence my stitched handles, which are just the right size to grab it and cart it around.
my beautiful basket now adorns my table filled with all kinds of hand sewing goodies at the ready.

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