Friday, August 15, 2008

happy birthday mum!

country flannel lapquilt, originally uploaded by bound for india.
a couple of years ago i bought a whole heap of country flannels from spotlight for a raggy quilt i was meant to make, well i made the raggy quilt, hated the process and the outcome so never did the other one.

a couple of months ago i decided to totally clean out my sewing space and what did i find, around 100 precut 8" flannel squares in varying country prints, WOOHOO, what a score, what a find, what a joy! into the scraps/non full cuts of fabric box it went.

last month was my mothers birthday and on short notice i was asked to come to stay with her for a few days, i really didn't want to go empty handed so i went through my stash and came up with this, the beauty of it was it took an afternoon/evening to knock up altho the downside was i gave up the only mtr of the flannel backing i had :(

back of country flannel quilt

mum love it but my grandmother loved it more and while she was there mum didn't get a look in with it, lol.

spotted bag
Mum had also mentioned she wanted a bag made with the plastic on the outside and did i make them, well the quick answer was no, the outcome was i decided to surprise her with one for her b'day .. what a NIGHTMARE!! i learnt a lot from making it, things like plastic sticks to itself, hessian is itchy and smells funny and when you put hessian on plastic, IT SLIPS AROUND!

inside spotted bag
it turned out too big but makes the perfect beach/pool/picnic bag although i'm not real sure if i'd trust my stitching and the pocket is too close to the top, still, it looks nice :D

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