Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On the 12th Day of Christmas ..

12 days hanger, originally uploaded by bound for india.
I spied this gorgeous panel in my local quilting shop and I just couldn't say no, so i snavelled it up and was lovingly admiring it, imagining what I could do with it when i had a brilliant brain fart .. let's bead and stitch it!! To begin with I decided to stitch around the boxes and the other pale green borders, then i realised this wouldn't be enough, so i decided it needed beads .. so then it was off to the beading shop to talk beads, what I didn't stop to realise was that I would need to COUNT everything I "needed" to bead .. 193 and counting .. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!

12 days stitching

Will beading be enough? Will it require buttons too? When will it end? WILL it ever end? Will I end up a twitching mess drooling and babbling over beads and buttons, looking for yet another space upon which to stick another or will I end up hiding in my cupboard rocking back and forth terrified of the beads who keep calling me and taunting me, daring me to stitch them to something, anything ..

Stay tuned to see if i'll be a drooling beader or a hidden rocker ..


Tozz said...

Hi princess pudge, I have often admired that panel in the magazines advertising it and I wouldnt put anything but stitching on it. Otherwise you take away from the main attractions. Well thats my opinion anyway :)

princess pudge said...

haha nooooooo you can't tell me that, i have over 200 beads here!!! i've already done the stitching and i'll bead the outside holly first and see how i feel, i bought enough beads for every square but i think the outside will be enough ... thank you for you advice :)

Derriere said...

princess pudge says "191, 192,193"
Derriere starts saying "193, 205, 418, 643, 791, 468"
And then princess pudge says " DARN IT DERRIERE!.... 1,2,3,4...."

Make sure to post a pic after you've beaded it and such! Its a lovely panel and although I agree with Tozz, I have to admit sometimes people do the craziest of things and you think they are mad until you see the result which are often quite astounding!
So I cant wait to see you embellishments!
Happy counting! /ducks and hides

princess pudge said...

HAHA talk about CHEEKY!!