Friday, October 24, 2008

caring hearts

caring heart, originally uploaded by bound for india.
not so long ago a lovely package came in the mail for me, it had no name on it only a return address that i didn't know, i let one of my girls open it and low and behold, it was full of the most gorgeous caring hearts!! only 2 people know who made these hearts, and that's barbara and the loving chicky who actually made them.

If you're not from the TCF, you may not understand the premise behind these acts of kindness and love so i'll give you a little run down, some of the lovely ladies on TCF make these heart squares, they can in all different heart designs and colours, some bold, some pastel, some floral, some not and then anyone on the forum can nominate someone to receive a show of love, caring and support by having 8 gorgeous hearts sent to them. it's a truly beautiful idea, one which i was very very touched to have been chosen to receive from. as soon as i get my swaps under control and underway i will be making some caring hearts to return to the forums the love they have shown me.


clare said...

Love the hearts .

Chelsea Ling said...

your blog is adorable, and so are the hearts!