Friday, October 24, 2008

noahs ark bom #1

if you look to the left menu you will see a picture link for the noahs ark bom, i had seen this little pic floating around blog space and one day i felt i had to know what it was (lets not talk about how i actually wanted the little pic on my blog too!) so i clicked on it and was so excited by what i found, how totally awesome, this stitchery bom is completely free and totally gorgeous!

chook (our 7yo dd) was with me when i was looking at the site and asked if i would make it for her, it was then that i decided it had to be bigger than suggested and once all the blocks were done i would let her decide if she wanted it on her wall or as a little lap quilt, i think it would look lovely above her bed on her wall, i may even put her name on it if she wants it up there.

the dove is the only block i've completed so far although as you can see i've delved into the other, the kangaroos are all but complete, as are the rabbits .. the turtles are taking their own time (as turtles do) and will be done when i've got some spare time! you'll also notice when you follow the link that i don't read instructions very well and did my own thing as far as colour choices and other bits went, this is what happens when the computer is in another room to my sewing!! happens to me all the time ;)

if you like the idea or the thought of creating this gorgeous little bom, just click on the naohs ark bom pic in the left menu and enjoy.


clare said...

Denni absolutely beautiful work again . Clare's Craftroom

miss~nance said...

Thanks for sharing this link. I have saved them all to my computer and will one day make them up.


Tozz said...

Denni I love yours and like you say its incredible how different they turn out. I am doing mine ..trying to do them in the colours that were written up for them. But the borders will be different of course. I love yours that you have done and look forward to seeing the others when they are complete. Way to go :)

barb's creations said...

I'm thinking I'll have to learn how to put this link onto my blog so I can do this BOM.Thanks for sharing denni.Your blocks are amazing,such beautiful stitching.Barb