Tuesday, November 18, 2008

nuff nuff

Picture copyright chookhouse creations 2007

my youngest daughter drew this for me last year, i love her use of bold lines, colour and the way her stuff has evolved over time, while this pic probably seems very simplistic, her stuff is drawn with total abandon, a free spirit who just becomes one with her drawings, she's a joy to watch draw, how she throws herself at a blank page and with either go very in depth or keep it simple, either way, they're always eye catching!
so what does a mother do with such a gorgeous picture? sure, she can frame it, placed behind glass to kept pristine. she could even scrap it into an album somehow, journaling her thoughts and the passions of her daughter

she can make a "nuff nuff" from it!
nuff nuff ?? the nuff nuff is a naughty little rabbit who is always being told "enough enough", he's full of mischievousness, cheekiness and pranks galore .. never truely naughty but the perfect little mate for an equally cheeky 4yo little boy ;)
nuff nuff has given me faith in myself, to creat something from nothing, to see my kids artwork in new ways and to see myself in new ways, for that, i am forever grateful to my kids.

Nuff Nuff copyright chookhouse creations 2008
While surfing my favorite blogs i came across this great tutorial for making your own name tags/labels. i know plenty of people have crafitly worked out how to run ribbon and twill through the printer, how to use stamps and transfers as well as fabric sheets for the printers, sadly, i am very far behind in all this stuff being so new to the hand made craft scene.so if you're on the lookout for a great tutorial that enables you to have funky twill tags, head to Patchwork Pottery .


clare said...

I looove Nuff Nuff , he is brilliant ! Clare's Craftroom

Clair Acres said...

Nuff Nuff is brilliant! I love him to bits! You should go into business with your daughter and take on the Softie world!

MissyMack said...

Oh how cute is Nuff Nuff! And what a fantastic drawing your daughter did- i love it! I can't wait till I have kids and get to receive all these great drawings! :D

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Nuff Nuff is awesome!!! Your daughter must be thrilled to see her artwork transformed into such a little cutie. Love his personality traits - he is so cute. Can't wait to see what you and your duaghter come up with next!!

miss~nance said...

OH WOW you and your daughter are so clever. Nuff Nuff is really gorgeous.


Janellybelly said...

2D art transformed into 3D art - you & your daughter make a great team :)
Janelle :)

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

So cute! And how funny--I just learned how to make tags like this too!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

That little nuff nuff is soo cute1
My Son always says to me"enough already"!!
If I am giving him the talk!!...Funny

Jen said...

Nuff Nuff is too cute. Love him.

Anonymous said...

oh wow Nuff Nuff is awesome what a very cute softie you've made from a very cute drawing!!!