Monday, January 12, 2009

sunshine & frolics

don't look too closely, you'll see just how terribly my sewing really is ;)

this is block 2 from the "sunshine and frolics" BOM (block of the month), i decided to piece it altogether today and do the stitching when my thread pack arrives. so far, i'm really happy with how this is turning out, the blocks are massive!
this is block 9 from the same BOM, i really enjoyed making this one, this was the first block i received as they didn't have block 1 in stock and honestly, i don't care what order i do them in as in the end, they all get sewn together in order :D
i've only got a little bit of stitching to do on this one, again, waiting for my thread pack and then i can finish it. so far i've done a couple of things different but nothing that stands out or detracts from it.

i can't wait to see this one completed!


barb's creations said...

OK so when's the next instalment? looks fantastic denni,even close up.Can't wait till you post more pic's.Barb

Clair Acres said...

Blimey! They look fabulous, Denni. So who's going to be the lucky recipient?

princess pudge said...

me ;)

bubbachenille said...

Where have you been?
Sewing obviously! That's gorgeous.
I never thought in my life I would miss people I dont even know!

clare said...

You are so clever I left something for you at my blog .
Clare's Craftroom