Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sshh .. it's my secret project ..

so this is the second BOM i'm doing at the moment, for those who don't recognise it, it's Butterfly Garden and this is my secret project for my just turned 8yo girl, by the time it's done and quilted it'll be xmas so it's a perfect year long project. i did up the block today while the other half took the older kids to the movies and i was home with the younger lot who played nicely and left me alone *gasp*

so tonight, once the house was quiet i tackled the putting on of the butterfly and flowers, and what a difference it makes!! tomorrow i'll add the rest of the stitchery and go buy threads to match and bam, i'm off and running! i have block 2 waiting to be sewn up and i can't wait to get cracking with it!


i cant sew said...

hello newest follower... i am now your newest follower! love your blog name how cool. happy posting. big noisy kisses mmwwaahh %*_*% rosey

Tozz said...

So far it is looking ab fab :) love them all Denni :)

Renny's little things said...

wow what a lucky girl
It looks much better with the stuff on it(not that it looks bad with out) but what a difference.
Can't wait till christmas to see it finished!!!

Geniene XX

clare said...

Hey there thanks for the visit and entering my giveaway , good luck .
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