Tuesday, January 20, 2009

swaps and projects

so a few friends and i have decided to do the "breast of friends" (this is a BoM which is being featured in homspun magazine from v10 #1 - v10 #8) quilt together, setting a dead line of feb 15th for the first 2 blocks .. ARGH!! originally i wanted to do the quilt in all the same fabrics as the ones chosen by the designers but i must admit, i couldn't walk past some of the fabric from the above picture, 5 of the 8 FQ came from my local shop (canningtown patchwork) and the other 3 from my stash. i'm not partial to the stars, but the quilt does require A LOT of different fabrics so i figure, what the hey, just use the ones i don't like as much in smaller ways, bound to work .. right?! i think the end result will be a quilt full of rich warm colours topped off with a huge dollop of love and friendship, what more can a gal ask for?!
i'm a terribly shopper, i should never be let loose anywhere within a cooee of a fabric store with any form of money over $4 (can't even get a FQ for that anymore *sniff*) because i'm a shocking impulse buyer! i can be really strict and stick to a budget everywhere else bar a fabric store .. so what did my little piggy mitts latch onto today? some GORGEOUS wool felt!! there are 3 more colours I MUST HAVE so i will venture back and snavle them VERY soon ;) my plans for the current lot? a new and improved nuff nuff .. poor little nuff nuff lost his stuff stuff and can't be repaired, so, i will make a whole new one .. yummy!

after the excitement of the fabric fondle and high of the wooly stuff i was left dazed and easily cajoled into joining a new bloggy swap (tsk tsk barb :P) the swap is called "Winter Basics and Baubles Swap" and OMG *freaks out* i didn't book mark the blog!!!!

BAAAAAAAAAAAARB .. *squeak* help!

i shall be back tomorrow to list it's little pic thingy and an address for it .. it seems a gal can only fondle and inhale so much in a day!


barb's creations said...

Hi denni,
Soooo you squeaked for help and help arrives.....just in the nick of time hehehe.
See even a little sis can teach a big sis new tricks.Barb

barb's creations said...

P.S: Forgot to say I love the fabrics that you've chosen for the BOM we're doing as a group.Can't wait to see how thwy all turn outBarb.

clare said...

I love taht fabric and think it will look beautiful , but you are right you still need more !
Clares Craftroom

Tozz said...

OOohh Denni the fabric is lovely and no wonder you couldnt resist it!! Another BOM....why wasnt I told!! hehehe

MissyMack said...

Oh what gorgeous fabric! I'm going to have to go and buy myself Homespun now and see what this quilt is all about!