Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Modelling Beeswax

My 9yo daughter is quite the little animal artist, loves to draw and model animals and is always asking for supplies, the only issues I have are of the messy, stain leaving kind so when I spied these over at The Rainbow Tree I thought they'd be great to try out and with such a range of colours I know she'll be able to create loads of different animals.

Stockmar Modelling Beeswax :

Stockmar modelling beeswax is an ideal modelling material: clean in handling and absolutely hygienic.
It won't smudge, crumble or bleed and its colour is pure and bright making it ideal for forming small sculptures.

Wont smudge, crumble or bleed .. music to a mothers ears!

When I was talking to Ali from The Rainbow Tree about the modelling beeswax I asked her if they had anyt goats milk soap for my 14y daughter who has sensitive skin and can't use soaps at all, only the soap free stuff but I had recently picked her up a bar of goats milk stuff from the chemist to trial and she said it wasn't too bad so I thought to go one step further and get her some nice soaps so she feels she's using something a little nicer and flasher than the normal boring stuff we keep on hand.

As it turned out they stock Billy Goat Soap and there are 4 scents - plain, Rose Geranium, Lavender or Lime. I got plain and rose geranium and if miss14 can use the rose one with no issues I'm going to get the lime one, lime is such an awesome scent!

The Rainbow Tree provide excellent service and speedy delivery (as in they don't drag their feet sending the parcel long after they have the money!) and whilst they don't have an online shop just yet, they have an actual street front store for those in S.A (320 Magill Road, Kensington Park, South Australia 5068), a facebook page plus a website so there are plenty of ways to contact them and ask for advice or products.

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